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December Astroflash


December opens its gates with a Full Moon in Gemini on the 2nd so we can expect lots and lots of words. Will we hear the Truth? Now that may be another story entirely depending on how exacting you are about the T word. I have learned that Geminis rarely lie but they do change their minds;so it depends on which twin is talking.
The political and economic log jam that was created when Saturn and Pluto began a most UN-seductive tango with each other will ease up as the two become slightly less intimate in the beginning of the month and drift even further apart as the month continues. This should be quite a relief for all of us who have had the month from hell in November feeling the continual pressure of these 2 planetary energies duking it out all over our minds, bodies and spirits.
By the 17th of December we should start seeing more progress in the world both politically and economically and not just mud slinging and back room arm twisting. We have all been under potentially fear producing energies that have even caused some to question their very survival!
Thankfully Venus and Mars are both in fire signs so they will heat things up and keep are hearts more open as well. Venus in Sag all month will keep us feeling feisty and active which will be necessary to get everything done and still have time for play.
Holiday festivities may be grander too with Mars doing it bigger and better in Leo while on the political side of things Pride could make or break efforts towards peace and domestic policy.
Essentially everyone will want to look like a winner so working with Saturn in Libra's desire for equity, a win win shift could really work. So important for us all to make the quantum leap from the dominance and submission paradigm to willing cooperation.
I want to start calling Jupiter,Neptune and Chiron, the Three Weird Sisters, because these three oh so heavenly bodies have hardly been more than a degree or 2 apart for a year. On the plus side, that they have draped this whole challenging mess in a magical mystical cloak which has allowed us to move ahead with some measure of faith that somehow it will all turn out OK as well as forcing us to dig deep into our self healing and metaphysical bag of tricks.
I believe that we will see even more merging of spiritual and scientific worlds.
On the down side, we will continue to be engaged in more hand washing as one or another flu morphs and chases us around or keeps us hunkered down at home.
The Jupiter/ Neptune effect will likely have us in even more of a daze than usual this holiday season and we will need to be mindful about impulse buying to chase the blues away.
Could be a good time to organize your dreams and aspirations as old Murky Mercury does its 3 week retro dance from Dec.26 to Jan.15. By this time many of you know of mercury retrograde and the way that it can totally screw up forward motion... because the mind and mental processes are going backwards. Solution is to not push the river forward. You want to get all your ducks in a row,weed out all physical and emotional clutter so that when Mercury moves forward on Jan. 15, you will be ready to go!
On New years Eve, we will have a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, that is, a second Full Moon in the month, this one being in Cancer which will bring a most interesting vibe to our parties. I find the Lunar Eclipses to be very internal times and this one being Cancer, may encourage many more to stay home and have quieter celebrations.
Whatever you choose, listen to your inner wisdom which is always there to give you the best guidance. See ya next year!!!

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ARIES - I love anything new so get me out of this month ASAP. I could go on a shopping frenzy but anything to keep me busy will be good right now. Oh fine, another retro Mercury. Saturn and Pluto wore my poor patience to a frazzle and I had so little to start. I will surely need to learn some new meditation skills or Yoga for this one. Actually, maybe I could go cruise the Yoga studio?

TAURUS - Right now, I just want things to feel a little easier. I mean turkey and stuffing and apple pie sending warm cinnamon smells through the house will really work for me. Back to basics and solid values that I can count on to be there next year is what I need. I know nothing is promised but maybe just a little promise please?

GEMINI - It's my Full Moon Yeahhhhhhhhhh let's have a party or go do karaoke or recite our poetry or, let's do it all. If we schedule it right we can make it all happen in one day. Anybody game? OK I will get on Face Book and Twitter and let all my friends know that it is ON! If you miss it not to worry because it will all be on my BLOG tomorrow.

CANCER - OK Gemini you just run wild. This is my big nesting time and I think I will call Taurus up and plan a cooking day because we are on the same page. Spending quality time with old friends really warms my heart and allows me to just slow down and feel my feelings rather than run away from them. Gratitude is my attitude.

LEO - So glad that you noticed Mars in my sign and yes i am on the prowl for my mate. Life just isn't fun without one and I have so much to offer that it would be a waste to not share my heart and enthusiasm.Others may have left you cold. I promise that would never be the case with me. I would make you my Queen and we would rule our world together purring happily.

VIRGO - I am glad that mercury won't be retrograde til after the holidays because I have everything planned just so and I hate to have to rearrange it all. The retro is always so hard for me but I have learned to get ahead of it and now its not so bad. Planning is everything. My cards are organized and stamped. With Saturn off my butt I have so much more energy and I can actually get a lot done and still have time to read and work on my "special projects."

LIBRA - GIVE PEACE A CHANCE wouldn't that be a wonderful gift under every one's Solstice Tree? If the powers that be could see that War never solves anything and good mediation can work wonders where bullets can not.... Trouble is, sometimes we need to create a more equitable way to share and those who have are rarely willing to simply give to those who do not. Everything in balance really works for us all and we all get more rather than less.

SCORPIO - I think it's all about motivation and intention.That's the key to the lock that opens up our willingness. Now don't think for a minute that I will open up and tell you mine. A girl needs some secrets however, if you really take the time to get to know me, all will be revealed. I just need to know that you are interested in depth and substance. Intensity is good but I have learned not to be beguiled by a one trick pony.

SAGITTARIUS - Enough of all this serious talk. I have had 4 years of that and now I am ready to play. Sky's the limit and for me beyond that. Magic Carpet let's set the controls for the hear of the sun and see where that takes us. A bottle of vino or sparkling juice, a hunk of cheese and some really dark chocolate should be all the supplies that we need for an exotic get away. Maybe a DVD of some of my fave comics for this excursion would be just the ticket.

CAPRICORN - I need to understand the core issues around why I am always struggling. I mean, I don't mind hard work, Goddess knows that I can do that just fine but I need more and want more balance in my life. Saturn is getting on my case about that and creating situations for me that demand that I lose my denial blinders. Pluto is compelling but Saturn forces the issue into reality and I am feeling compelled to change my reality.

AQUARIUS - Like it or not, I am in a polygamous marriage with 3 planets. One of them shifts and we all go tumbling after. Sometimes it's a lot of fun but I rarely know where I am going til I get there and even then, it takes me a minute to shake off the fog. I must be learning some deep lessons that I might have been resisting because this pattern just keeps hammering away at me. OK I am learning to have faith and trust already, I give,now can we get back to something resembling consistent reality?

PISCES - Consistent reality? Oh Aquarius, Please! Since when is reality consistent. You at least have Neptune yanking your chain and she can be so seductive. I am dealing with lightning - fast changes that shift in the blink of an eye, third eye or other. Half the time I am so restless that I don't know what to do with myself while other times I am scrambling to keep up with all the new projects that I start. It's all good but sometimes I long for my peaceful pond.
In case you haven’t noticed, this is not your Mama’s Astrological report. I deliberately let the signs talk right to you, giving them a voice that really tells it like it is!

I have endeavored to make it more gender neutral to speak to all sexual preferences and identities.
If you know your Rising sign, your personal reading will be more accurate if you read the passage for that sign as well as your Sun sign.
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