Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CRAZY TUESDAY elected for EPPIE Nomination

Ann Arbor, November 24th 2009

PIVTR's 'CRAZY TUESDAY' show is nominated for the prestigious EPIC "Friend of e-Publishing" Award.

Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) President, Brenna Lyons says:

"Rowena (Cherry) has been an anti-piracy advocate for many years. She's former indie/e and currently working in NY, with e-books there. Unlike some people who make the leap, Rowena is fiercely protective of all facets of the industry, including indie. She oversees 9 blogs, several of which address anti-piracy and e-publishing issues. She's also been instrumental in starting and maintaining several anti-piracy groups, including Charlee Boyett-Compo's AuthorsAgainstE-BookTheft Yahoogroup, and supports still more. She's used her radio show to do shows on things like anti-piracy, copyright, and authors helping authors, which not only helps the industry but EPIC, as well. Rowena has wonderful contacts in the industry and is often sought for quotes and interviews, which she refers to EPIC in often. She's one of our biggest supporters, and she's certainly doing her all to support the industry. Most recently, she was quoted at the FCC hearings on net neutrality, on the subject of protecting our copyrights in a digital society. Overall, I think we could do MUCH worse for a nominee.


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EPIC members are voting now for one of three nominees. The nominees are Crazy Tuesday, hosted by Rowena Cherry, ARe (Lori and Barb) and Baen Webscriptions (Arnold Bailey). Awards will be announced in March 2010 at the EPIC annual convention EPICon.

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  1. Not an EPPIE. EPPIE is the former name of the e-book contest.

    Crazy Tuesday is nominated for a Friend of e-Publishing award, the award for people who have helped advance or support the e-publishing industry as a whole over time. Former recipients of this award are: Samandi Adams and The Dream Realm Awards, Alessia Brio and Coming Together, Nick Bogaty from IDPF, Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg, Louise B. Snead and Katheryn Falk (of Affaire de Coer and RT Magazines), Steve and Scott Pendergrast of Fictionwise, Glenn Sanders of ebookweb.org and Piers Anthony for the hipiers site and his other work in the industry.

    Brenna Lyons
    EPIC President