Friday, November 20, 2009

Mac Users


Here are the instructions for watching a Windows Media stream from a Mac:

Streaming videos in the Windows Media format are compatible with MAC OS.
For OS X you will need to download Flip4Mac Windows Media plugin

Note: When connecting to Windows Media streaming servers, the Flip4Mac may try to download the requested media instead of streaming it. This can cause the video stream to stutter or loop back after a few minutes of play. To correct this:

Open the System Preferences utility
Click Flip4Mac WMV to open the Flip4Mac preferences pane
Open the Movie tab
Select "Create streaming movies"
Close System Preferences and restart any open browsers
The next time you access a WMA or WMV stream, the plugin will display the streaming progress bar instead of the download bar, and the stream should play correctly.
For OS 8/9 you will need Media Player 7.1

After you've downloaded the correct codec or Media Player you may need to quit your browser and then re-open it for the player to work correctly.

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