Monday, December 14, 2009

HallMark Virus


There is an e-card virus making the rounds and it is being disguised as a Hallmark greeting card.

The phony e-card will come to your inbox as an email from It says you have received a Hallmark greeting card from a friend, to view it click the attachment, which is named or sometimes postcard.exe.

Hallmark doesn't have any e-cards that they make you download. If you do click on the link in the bogus e-mail, you will launch a variant of the Zapchast Trojan virus. Zapchast installs an Internet Relay (IRC) chat client and causes the infected computer to connect to an IRC channel. Attackers then use that connection to remotely command your machine.

If you receive an authentic e-card from Hallmark, there will be a confirmation number on the e-card. You can then go to the Hallmark website and type in that information. You are NOT required to download anything! You will view your card ON the Hallmark website.

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