Saturday, December 12, 2009

PIVTR 2010 Clean-Up

G' Morning All

I wanted to drop you all a line to officially make the announcement that there will be a whole new look to PIVR VERY soon.

This Sunday, I am setting aside some time to do a MAJOR cleanup to the site.

If you look at the home page you will see where we have a new setup for Streaming of everyone’s shows. The links at

the top of the page are the new and improved system that we have been working on over the past month or so, and these links (which may/ will take a change in shape) will be on every page within the site.

Check out the difference of the 2 links and I will explain the links:

The LISTEN LIVE link will be used for your LIVE shows. Listeners can simply click that button to listen live.

The ON DEMAND link is where they will now be able to listen to pre-recorded shows.

Normally we record your show, post the MP3 on your archives page, in the VIP section and on the mobile phone site (This hasn’t been released to the public yet). Well this will be changing very quickly. We will be posting the recorded shows to the on demand so this will eliminate the MP3’s from all archives pages. Now your archives pages can be used exclusively for your personal information as well as open a larger door for you to advertise your up and coming shows!!!! The VIP section of the website will also be eliminated (sorta) and turned into a RSS Feeds page where the pre-recorded shows will still be available for download/ purchase. There will be numerous options for purchasing the shows

1: Purchase an Individual show

2: Purchase a weeks worth of shows

3: Or purchase the entire month’s worth of shows.

Once a purchase has been made (week or month) listeners will automatically be updated with any new shows that are posted for that time period within the feed.

Now what does all of this mean to you and your loyal listeners?

MUCH easier navigation of the website,

Less maintenance and upkeep of the server, by consolidating everything,

To keep costs down for the daily maintenance,

To move forward with the latest technology available

Banner Advertising is at our fingertips with the new players (we are still working on a price list as well as incentives for advertising)

The ON DEMAND player will carry ONE month’s worth of shows on it and be continually updated (add something new, delete something old) and the RSS FEEDS page will still carry a min of 3 months worth of archived shows. The shows within the RSS feeds that we have built currently start at the beginning of November 2009 and will move forward from that date. Shows prior to Nov can still be made available as always by contacting Lillian with date and host name.

Website cleanup:

I will be clearing out a LOT of links that are wasting space and making things hard for people to navigate and find what they are after. A simple example is the 3 Military links. This will be consolidated into one link and then branch off from the central Military page, thus eliminating 2 links from the current menu. Tom can you send me some new poems to post, and Everett, can you send me some updated military info. These pages have not been updated in forever and need some immediate help.


Our blog… send in your info weekly to Brittany (upcoming schedule, book signings, what’s new etc) so that she can add this info to the site. Please remember to CC Lillian and myself. Creating a mail list from your current e-mail with all 3 of us in it will make things quick and simple to contact us all in one shot J

EVERY host page: I need your upcoming schedule no later that Saturday of every week if you want me to keep your page updated. Right now there is only ONE host that does this weekly, and one that does it monthly. If we keep your pages updated with your next schedule show, then YOU open the door to MORE listeners!!!!! If you have no bio or explanation of what your show is about on your current archives page, I will need that sent in also. If we aren’t going to keep these pages updated on a regular basis, then we will consider eliminating all of the unused pages, and open up more server space for the next venture that is coming LIVE VIDEO STREAMS

2010 is coming fast, and we are planning on WOW’ing EVERYBODY, so lets all put a little effort into this and start this year with a GIANT BANG!

As always questions, comments, and/or ideas are ALWAYS welcome!!! If you have any, please fwd to myself and Lillian. I will be starting this venture Sunday morn around 4:30am CST so try to have the ideas in before then so that everything and everyones opinion can be considered with all of the changes!


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