Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Radio-thon for Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Detroit,MI

All afternoon and evening yesterday, Tuesday December 22nd, 11 Romance authors read complete short stories aloud on local (Ann Arbor) internet radio station PIVTR to raise money for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen
The Capuchin Soup Kitchen grows organic vegetables in its Detroit farm to supply veg for its soups, teaches Detroiters how to grow their own veg, has its own On The Rise bakery to provide bread for the soup kitchen and also to teach self respect and a trade to recovering addicts and incarcerees who are returning to society. It also provides a clean safe place where the homeless can come off the streets for a shower and a change of clothing…. and much more.
To donate to the soup kitchen using a credit card visit
The 11 authors’ stories can be heard for the next 2 weeks free “On Demand” There are 3 two-hour and one one-hour tapes. The mp3 recordings can be purchased for $3.50. Royalties go to the Soup Kitchen.
More details: Lillian Cauldwell
Rowena Cherry said this on Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 23rd, 2009 at 10:59 am
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the short stories. In the two o’clock to four pm session, Detroit author Cindy Spencer Pape read “Christmas at Morts” which was, most appropriately, about a Homeless lady.
Southern author Loretta Wheeler read a very clever short piece titled The Pan Man.
Brenna Lyons shared two science fiction/fantasy pieces. One Hour Burial was a powerful and horrific –in a tasteful and understated way– “what-if” tale.
The Stone Lord is a story that Brenna shares for free on her website, and developed from an interesting premise about magic that Brenna explained on air.


  1. Sometime, I must blog about Tuesday, December 22nd. It might have been the most satisfying Christmas celebration ever.

    What a chapter of accidents! As I said to my ever-patient husband more than once, "It's like herding cats," but I adore cats, and I have the highest opinion of all my author friends who turn out to help.

    Cindy Spencer Pape contributed a wonderful, original story. Two minutes before going on the air, we discovered that someone had cut her land line. Land lines are vital... fortunately, Cindy had a cell phone, and I do hope that the call did not cost her a fortune!!!

    Another author in a different time zone miscalculated, but fortunately the previous author stayed on the line (I'm no Rush Limbaugh and don't like performing a monologue). We also had some fabulous letters from the good brothers who run the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

    Thanks to everyone who donated!

    Rowena Cherry