Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fund Riaser for Haitian Animals


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FLASH SILVERMOON, Nationally Known Animal Communicator, Psychic, Musician and Host of PIVTR's "What the Animals Tell Me" will host the show.
BERNADETTE CARTER, Accomplished Psychic will delight and entertain. She and Flash are donating their time for the beloved animals.

For a $25 donation, Flash Silvermoon will do a 1 question 5min reading for you or your pet. For $25 Bernadette Carter will read for you.

JOY DRAWDY, Animal Activist, Veteran of the Katrina Dog Rescue, and owner of Earth Pets Organic Feed and Garden Shop will inform us about the plight of on the ground rescue
MELANIE PHILLPOT of Eager Pup Dog training and many Animal Loving People from the Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Movements will raise their voices to raise $$ specifically for Haiti's Animal Survivors.

Listeners can donate their monies through PayPal using this email address: Please write in Miscellaneous Box, the following phrase: Displaced or Abandoned Haitian Animal Rescue.

The donation amounts are as follows:

$15 - PIVTR, Inc. tee shirt (While supplies last or Free Promo/Marketing CD's)

$25 - "5" Minute 1 Question Reading

$35 - Set of 6 Note Cards with Picture of Your Favorite Animals (send jpgs to

$50 & Up - Bourbon Chocolate Chip Muffins (Baker's Dozen)

Of course you can just donate and all the $$ from Readings etc.will go to IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Best Friends,and WSPCA who have joined together to create ARCH for the immediate relief of Haitian Animals.$$$ will go directly to help the animals who as you can imagine are in worse distress than during the holocaust which was Katrina.

Program will be recorded while done live and posted on RSS/podcasts for sale and all Proceeds go to Haitian Animal Rescue

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