Monday, January 18, 2010

Grant Opportunity Grant Program

Employment Opportunities Grant Program

The goal of the Employment Opportunities Grant Program (EOGP) is to expand the number of individuals in historically underrepresented populations who enter and complete building trades apprenticeship programs and achieve journey-level status within building trades unions. These are careers that are physically and mentally demanding, but which offer wages and benefits on which a family can be supported.

The EOGP offers educational institutions and community based organizations an opportunity to help fill the demand for a skilled workforce by preparing participants for placement in high wage union construction jobs and access to public as well as private construction jobs throughout the State.

The Employment Opportunities Grant Program creates a stronger pipeline of trained workers who have the skill set to obtain and keep jobs in the construction trades. By opening these doors, we are increasing the diversity within this industry and preparing more people for careers in this vital field, which will help keep our workforce strong and competitive and provide better opportunities for our working families.

Program participants will be members of one or more historically underrepresented populations, which can include African-Americans, Hispanics, females, and African-American and Hispanic youth, including new high school graduates. The funded programs will not only help cultivate workplace and technical skills, but will also build career awareness and exploration, address basic reading and math preparation and provide mentoring, so that this sector of the workforce will be more diverse.


Deveda Fran├žois
Program Manager
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
100 West Randolph, Suite 3-400
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 793-9702


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