Monday, October 26, 2009

Curfew Not Just for Teens Any More

What it is: iCurfew (but not just for teens and parents)i

iCurfew is an easy way for kids and parents, or anyone, to check-in with each other remotely. We designed it specifically for kids simply use iCurfews to send their location to their parents in an email. It is a way for anyone to send their location to a friend. Whether you are at the movies, at a friends house, or across the world, you can send your location using iCurfew on cell data networks or Wifi.For parents and teens: parents don’t have to be nervous any longer; wondering if their kids are really out where they say they are. This app builds trust, and verifies real time location with an un-editable link.What makes us different: Unlike other teen tracking apps, we want the check-in process to be mutual and encourage open communication. We have made the location link un-editable to ensure parents get the real location of their child. We think this mutually cooperative process encourages stronger relationships between kids and parents.Please please please buy us a pack of gum and help us get into hot new releases, it really is great if you want to meet someone somewhere or keep track of where your kids are.You can buy it now or wait until Monday, whatever is easier!Thank you!Vanessa and Scott

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