Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Out When Bartering

Before your company does a barter with another company or individual, make sure you know the value of what you're giving away. For example, PIVTR is an Internet talk radio station. The station incurs a series of costs to keep the station running. One must remember that thirty minutes of time for an authors interview costs $36 per show when considering the talk show host's or interviewer's time for preparation and actual interview of that individual.
You must then add in the media stream services that picks up the live broadcast and inserts it into another server and then is broadcasted worldwide. That cost runs $90 per month.
You then add it how much the recording equipment is, $25.
Then you add in the DSL cost, the phone line service cost, utility costs, media equipment and the cost of running the computer. When you add in all of those factors, a typical thirty minute interview costs the host about $75 to $100 per thirty minute show.
When you start adding in extras like a power point slide show, the cost goes up by $25 plus the amount of jpgs used in presenting that particular slide show.
When you offer a barter of doing a interview for an author or a series of author, make sure you do all the necessary calculations before shaking that hand or signing on the dotted line. You just might fine that you're losing more than what you're receiving.

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