Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feedback on Proposed Stamp

I thought PIVTR was non-political, non-religiously biased.
This is the type of message that belongs in email spam, not on a serious organization's blog.PIVTR is not a mouthpiece for religious hate speech, is it?
IMHO, take it down.

Rowena CherrySPACE SNARK™

Lillian, I personally agree 100% with the person who sent it to you, yet I don’t believe it has a place on PIVTR unless you want to become political and send out others from those supporting other positions. We have MSNBC, Fox, CNN etc for that. . .in addition to all of the radio shows. It is your call and I will support you either way. I am just concerned this will open up something you do not have the time to deal with?? Enjoy your day, Joan

I think it is salacious, hate filled and an indirect and dangerous attack on Obama---and inaccurate these were not Muslim attacks, they were attacks by Muslim's . Hitler was born a Christian- so those worshipping Christ were responsible for the Holocast. The people who are protesting this stamp should be sent to Afganistan. Post it and your part of the problem. Carol Schlanger

I found it a bit partisan (the call to boycott a Muslim themed stamp).
Not all Muslims are guilty of the atrocities you mention, and many Americans/Protestants/Catholics throughout history have been guilty of worse atrocities.
I suppose much depends whether there are Chinese holiday/Christian holiday/Kwanzaa holiday/Jewish holiday stamps.If there are.... maybe there should be one Muslim stamp.
Just a thought.

Rowena Cherry

What are YOUR thoughts about this proposed stamp from the OBama government?
Let PIVTR know.

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  1. Can we show a little more respect for our democratically elected President, please?

    "OBama" is not how President Obama's name is written.